Kohler Highline Toilet Reviews

Kohler Highline Toilet Reviews

Are you looking for the best toilet that suits your bathroom? Although the best toilet brand for everyone is Kohler, the real problem is to choose the right model that suits the bathroom well. Don’t worry! You will get your answer by the end of this article. 

Since it is quite challenging to pick one model from so many good choices, for this reason, we have brought some of the best Kohler Highline toilet reviews for you. Before starting with the toilet reviews first, let’s get some knowledge about the Kohler Highline toilets.


Why Choose Kohler Highline Toilets

Kohler Highline toilets are modern designed toilets with the touch of traditional class that means Kohler Highline toilets are trendy and classy at once. These toilets come with a tall height equal to the size of the chair to offer comfortability.

The elongated bowl option from Kohler is to provide more space and comfort. The Kohler Highline toilets are easy to install on your own.

They come with a dry lock and pre-installed bolts to prevent leakage of water at the installation time. Kohler Highline toilets do not cover a larger area than other traditional restrooms and help make your bathroom look spacious.

3 Best Kohler Highline Toilet Reviews 2021

Kohler Highline toilets are the best choice for you if you are looking for modern and traditional bathrooms. Now, let’s walk through the best three Kohler Highline toilets review:

1- KOHLER K-3658-RA-47 Highline Classic Comfort Height Toilet, 1.28 Gpf, Almond

KOHLER K-3658-RA-47 Highline Toilet

Kohler K-3658-RA-47 is a traditional toilet that offers height equal to the chair for comfortable seating. It comes with an elongated shape that delivers to save space in your bathroom. The flush system of the toilet uses the gravitational force to create a significant cyclone for the cleaning purpose.

Before considering the toilets first, we look for the feature if we can clean it quickly or not so, the elongated shape of this Highline toilet helps you to clean conveniently and speedily.


  • Brand: Kohler
  • Material: China
  • Weight: 93 pounds
  • Water consumption: 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Flush type: Gravity flush

  Gravity Flush:  

Kohler Highline comfort is a high-quality toilet that uses gravity flush for complete cleaning. The flush system of this model creates a robust cyclone to flush every type of organic waste easily. Gravity flush also helps in cleaning the toilet bowl quickly and conveniently. Now you don’t need to waste your 2 hours cleaning the messy toilet bowl.

  Chair-Like Height:  

Kohler Highline offers comfort with a beautiful height. The height of the Kohler Highline toilet is about 17+ inches that give you great comfort. If you are a tall people family, the minimum size of bathrooms will bother you, but the Kohler Highline toilet offers maximum height for you to spend your required time comfortably.

  Elongated Shape:  

This model from Kohler Highline toilets offers elongated shapes as well as rounds. The toilets’ round shape is typical, so the feature that enters is the toilets’ oblong shape. Elongated-shaped toilets help to save the area of your bathroom as compared to round-shaped toilets.

  Saves Water:  

Finding the best toilet that must have a property to prevent water wastage is quite troublesome, but now Kohler has solved this one of your problems too.

Kohler K-3658-RA-47 comprises a dry lock system that helps you out to prevent water wastage. As compared to the other toilets, the Kohler Highline toilet only consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush and saves about 16,500 gallons per year.


  • Convenient installation
  • Comfortable height
  • Easy cleaning


  • Clogging problems

This Kohler Highline toilet model is best to save water space in your bathroom with its oblong-shaped bowl.

2- Kohler 528361 K-3977-0 Toilet, White

Kohler 528361 K-3977-0 Toilet, White

Kohler 528361 K-3977-0 Toilet comes with an elegant look along with comfort. Have you ever imagine the comfortability of a traditional toilet? No? Then don’t just suppose to get yourself Kohler K-3977-RA-0 and enjoy comfortable seating all the way long.

Kohler Highline toilet offers a round-shaped toilet that saves space in your bathroom. It comprises the gravity flush to save your time when cleaning. The elongated bowl also helps in quick cleaning. Kohler respects the importance of water and comes with an additional feature that holds water.


  • Brand: Kohler
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Shape: Round
  • Water Consumption: 1.6 gallons per flush

  Saves Space:  

Kohler toilets come with round as well as elongated shapes. As the elongated shape saves space due to its narrow face, you would be thinking how a round-shaped bathroom will save space? This model of Kohler’s toilet is covered less space as the bowl’s size is minimum than the size of its tank. You can opt for this toilet if your bathroom covers a minimum area.

  Comfortable Height:  

The average height of standard toilets is about 15 inches that go perfect for kids but not comfortable for adults, especially for people with tall sizes. Now Kohler has solved one of your problems by generating a toilet with a maximum of 16 inches and more. You can now sit comfortably in your bathroom for the required time.

  Gravitational Flushes:  

Kohler K-3977-RA-0 is a premium quality toilet with gravitational flushes. This model of Kohler’s toilet uses gravitational force that generates a robust cyclone within the toilet bowl for complete cleaning. As a woman, you are fortunate to have this feature. Why? Come on! You are not needed to waste your hours to clean the messy toilet bowl; brush it, and flush it! The intense cyclone will take away all the mess itself.

  Saves Water:  

Kohler respects the need for water worldwide; that’s why it does not consume a lot of water when flushing. It consumes per flush 1.6 gallons of water as compared to other toilets. It also comprises a dry-lock feature that prevents water from wastage.


  • Insulin tanks
  • Includes tank locks
  • Saves water


  • Clogging issues

This model is best for you if you want the all-rounder Kohler Highline toilet with a round bowl.

3- Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth Elongated 1.28 gpf Toilet, White

Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth Elongated

Kohler K-3998-0 is a two-pieced elegant and stylish Highline toilet that makes your bathroom even more stylish than before. It is a merge-up design of a modernistic and traditionalistic look. The Kohler Highline toilet is quite comfortable even though it’s not that 17+ inches but lets you feel comfortable when sitting on and standing up.

It saves more space as compared to other toilets due to its elongated shape. The Kohler Highline toilets only consume about 1.28 gallons of water per flush to keep water due to its gravity flush feature. It features a dry lock system to prevent water wastage.


  • Brand: Kohler
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 86.3 pounds
  • Water consumption: 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Flush type: Gravity flush

  Prevent Water Wastage:  

Kohler Highline toilets only consume about 1.28 gallons per flush than other toilets because Kohler’s company respects water’s importance. It also comprises the dry lock system that helps you out save water and prevents water from wasting during installation.

  Economical Flush:  

Kohler K-3998-0 is a fine quality Highline toilet that uses gravity to flush harder. It is evident that everyone wants a toilet that cleans the toilet bowl in one wash, but they also don’t want to waste the water. It is where Kohler K-3998-0 comes in; the toilet uses gravity forces to create a robust cyclone within the toilet bowl that hits every area of the bowl to clean it at once with only consumption of 1.28 gallons. 


This Kohler Highline model does not offer 17+ inches, but it provides comfort at the perfect height. This toilet comes with a height of 16.5 inches that works for everyone. Kohler Highline toilet is comfortable standing up and standing up now whatever time you spend in your bathroom, spending it with comfort.

  Saves More Space:  

If your house’s bathrooms cover less area, you need a toilet that surrounds the small room to save the space and make your bathroom look spacious. You can opt for the Kohler K-3998-0 as it covers a smaller area because of its elongated-shaped bowl. Elongated-shaped toilets help you protect less space than round-shaped toilets, as the elongated bowls cover even less room than the toilet tanks cover.


  • Class5 economical flush
  • Convenient cleaning
  • Durable


  • Loud flushing system

You can pick this Kohler Highline toilet that makes your bathroom look spacious and modern.

6 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Kohler Highline Toilets

Described above were the three best Kohler Highline toilets but before considering any of them don’t forget to read the guidelines to buy a Highline toilet for convenient shopping.

Although choosing a Highline toilet for your bathroom is the best choice, but one can be confused with so many choices when considering the best toilet. Therefore, we have given you the best Kohler Highline toilet reviews the most considered factor to make your shopping easy:


Never ignore the comfort feature whenever buying a Highline toilet. I said, never! Always consider the Highline toilet that makes using the bathroom an easier task. Ensure to buy a Highline toilet with a perfect height that anyone can use. Choose a toilet of about 16 to 17 inches that even an adult or tall person can conveniently use. A contented bathroom offers comfortable sitting on and standing up from the toilet.

Style & Color

Colour and style are essential discussions when choosing a Highline toilet. You know what your bathroom deserves the elegant toilet moreover; people also want it to look modern and make the whole bathroom elegant.

It is not just the functional equipment that upgrades the bathroom designs and toilet styles that also make your bathroom look beautiful and modern. Choose the color of the toilet that matches with bathroom tiles or washbasin. If your bathroom tiles are a little bit odd in color, then you go for the perfect combination.


Considering durability is another essential factor because the safety of the user must be the priority. Make sure you think the toilet that is sturdy and durable. A Highline must have the capacity to load the weight of the user. There is another role for you always look for the maximum weight capacity of the Highline to carry the load.

Flush Type

One thing you need to consider while buying a toilet is the flush type of Highline toilet. If you choose the regular flush system; your bathroom may require daily cleaning, but if you are going to consider the robust cyclone flush system, it will be more convenient.

You will be safe from dialing spending hours in the bathroom; with the cyclone flush system all you have to do is a bit of brushing, and the cyclone flush will do the next step’ complete cleaning’ even from the corners.


Make sure you consider the shape of your Highline toilet according to your requirements. But if I share my opinion, it is better to select the elongated-shaped bathrooms because they cover less area than typical restrooms.

As I told you it’s up to you which one to choose; if you are more comfortable with round bowl toilets, you can go with them but make sure the one you select covers less area than covered by the tank. This tip will help you to look at your bathroom as spacious.

Water Consumption

As we all know that wasting water is not from any good acts and how important the water is for the world so make sure you opt for the Highline toilet that does not consume a large amount of water.

Well, you don’t need to worry about it because the Highline toilets do not use more water than 1.6 gallons per flush. Many Highline toilets in the market use even less water than 1.6 gallons you can also go for those which consume only 1.2 or 1.1 gallons per flush.

So, these were the factors that you must consider before choosing any of the Highline toilets. Make sure the one you select carries all the features described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Highline Toilet?
  • Highline toilets are the top-quality toilet model from Kohler that offers elegant and classy bathrooms. Kohler Highline toilet comes with multiple heights, rough-in, and comfortability that fulfill various customers’ requirements.

    The Highline toilets provide a comfortable size of 15 or 17inches with both types of toilet bowls; elongated and round shaped.

  • Can I Install The Kohler Highline Toilet By Myself?
  • Kohler made the installation process pretty simple that every customer can install themselves by following the simple steps:

    1- Set up the wax ring on the new toilet.
    2- Position the toilet on the drain extension.
    3- Apply pressure to the wax ring.
    4- Confirm the measurements.
    5- Secure T-bolts and prepare the tank.

    Tighten the tank bolts is also one of them.

  • 1.6 GPF vs. 1.28 GPF Kohler Highline Toilets?
  • If you choose 1.28GPF, you can save up to 2 gallons of water as compared to 1.6GPF. But 1.28GPF is not healthy, and you need to flush twice, which means consuming 2.56GPF at once is less than 1.6GPF. 1.28GPF are also not capable of complete cleaning; that’s why it is better to pick 1.6GPF.

    Are Kohler Toilets Better Than TOTO? Kohler Vs TOTO?

    TOTO has a lot of luxurious and modern features in toilets, so is Kohler. If you compare Kohler and TOTO’s standard toilets, then Kohler is the winner as it comprises more comfortable units than TOTO. But TOTO is a perfect choice for efficiency and spacing.

  • Is It ADA Compliant?
  • Kohler Highline toilets are ADA compliant for sure as they have a comfortable height of 17 inches from floor to toilet bowl and seat. Usually, the Kohler Highline toilets have 12 inches rough-in, but it is not difficult to get 10 and 14 inches.


    Well, these were my Kohler Highline toilet reviews for you to choose the best Highline toilet for your bathroom. The elegant design comfortable height and water-saving features push the Kohler Highline toilets to the top. Commonly Kohler Highline toilets are fan-favorite and are called standard all-rounder toilets with the perfect size for everyone. 

    The class 5 flush feature is among the best features that consume less water for flushing and adequately clean the bowls. But as they all are, two pieced Highline toilets, and you know where ever the joint comes, it accumulates the dirt that isn’t easy to clean.

    Buying such a sleek and elegant Highline toilet at affordable rates is a blessing, and obviously, you don’t shop for bathrooms daily or monthly. Hence, it is better to purchase the one with the best quality as we mentioned above, that will help you a lot.

    According to different customers, Kohler Highline toilets are well-worth to spent money on. You need to note that the toilet lids and seats don’t come with the bathrooms you may have to purchase them separately.

    That’s all for today’s articles hope this helped you find one of the best Kohler Highline toilets and don’t forget to read the buying guide before considering any.

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