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For various reasons, you have a bathroom with a very small space compared to a regular bathroom. The 27 inch toilet is one of the best sizes you can choose for your small bathroom.

Thanks to technological advances, today you can find modern toilets, saving space, time, and water without looking cluttered or too tight.

Choosing a 27 inch toilet among so many options may be a bit difficult, especially when you have a small bathroom. However, it will not be difficult after reading this guide.

Why do you need to pick a 27-inch depth toilet for a small bathroom?

Size is important, even if it doesn’t seem like it. And this is one reason for many since they do not know the proper measurements of a toilet for the small spaces in their bathrooms.

For this, we recommend choosing the Best 27-inch depth toilet. We are primarily always on the lookout for comfort. Therefore a 27-inch toilet is a compact and comfortable design, ideal for small spaces.

It has an avant-garde design, where it is perfectly located in a small space. This option is the most indicated since Best 27 inch depth toilet meets the comfort for the whole family.

This small model fulfills the functions you need and the right size for these spaces, and the best thing is that there are different types of which you can choose the one you like the most.

A 27-inch toilet is a solution to your questions about knowing which the correct toilet for small bathrooms is. They do not take up much space, and the size is enough for any family member.

For this reason, if you find yourself remodeling your bathroom and want to place a small but sufficient toilet to meet your needs, comfortable and modern, your option is undoubtedly the toilet with 27 inches. Next, you will be able to visualize the five best 27-inch toilets with all the information you need to know.


Top 5 Best 27 Inch Depth Toilets for Small Bathrooms Reviews

Here are our top 5 picks of 27 inch depth toilets for you, We care about your budget and features which probably you are looking for. So, Set back and pick which you like one of them.

1- TOTO MS854114EG#01 Eco Ultramax Elongated

TOTO MS854114EG#01 Eco Ultramax Elongated

On this occasion, it presents a one-piece toilet, its comfort and elegance are one of the many characteristics for which it stands out, it is not surprising that it becomes one of the favorites among users. It is one of the best toilets on the market since it has proportional dimensions that provide comfort and good use and great ease of location and installation.

The material used during toilet construction is plastic, so it is less prone to breakage during installation or use.


  • Silent download
  • Low water consumption per discharge
  • Comfortable
  • Elegant
  • One piece of product
  • Unlike other traditional toilets, a one-piece product is used to avoid dirt accumulation between the components this time. That helps to clean it faster and without complications.


  • Installation is complicated to perform.
  • Comes with factory issues
  • Does not rinse well
  • It isn’t easy to clean around the seat.

Despite its price, it is a comfortable, elegant, and durable product, which matches any combination present in your bathroom. That is undoubtedly a piece that you must have in your home.

2- TOTO CST243EF#12 Entrada Two-Piece Round 

TOTO CST243EF#12 Entrada Two-Piece Round

On this occasion, Toto includes in its line an elegant two-piece toilet, and it includes a commercial lid and seat, its elongated and curved design gives it that elegant and unique touch. What stands out most in this product is its low consumption of liquid per flush.

It is a toilet containing two pieces and a great design with a high profile that is easy to clean and with a high profile. The product inlet uses a valve discharge with a siphon jet, generating a large cleaning discharge.


  • Silent download
  • Low water consumption per discharge
  • Quick evacuation of waste
  • Comfortable, as it has a standard Toto height, this allows the seating position to be more comfortable for users
  • Price-quality ratio


  • Accumulation of dirt between the parts
  • The down tube is refurbished
  • The toilet does not fit.

Despite being one of the Toto Company’s base products, its quality and characteristics stand out above the competition. If you take it home, you will be comfortable with an excellent product.

3- Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet, 27 Inch

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St

Ceramic toilet with a modern, elegant design in white, ideal to combine with the bathroom decoration without making changes.

It is one of the most sought-after when it comes to remodeling any bathroom because it has the best features and advantages. The toilet’s standard dimensions allow it to be versatile and affordable for all household members.


  • The quick and silent download
  • Water savings per discharge
  • Tall, elongated design for comfort
  • Easy to clean thanks to its one-piece design
  • Easy to install


  • More frequent cleaning is required
  • The buttons to activate the download process are somewhat delicate
  • Delicate mounting system

Its one-piece design helps to facilitate cleaning; the amount of water saved in each discharge process is surprising; it is an accessible product.

4- American Standard 215DB104.020 Cadet Pro

American Standard 215DB104.020 Cadet Pro

Toto presents on this occasion a high-efficiency toilet, loved by professionals, and you have a great performance. Its EverClean smooth finish helps the surface stay clean and neat for longer. It is a product with an excellent price-quality balance.

This toilet is one of the best for little people since its measurements are adequate. It has an ideal combination between the toilet seat and the remains of components that they bring.


  • Low water consumption
  • Quick evacuation of waste
  • Metal trigger lever
  • Stays clean longer


  • Gaskets between tank and base difficult to clean
  • The chargers are of poor quality
  • Backup does not work much

As always, Toto surprises with the quality of its products. In this case, we can highlight the 20% water saving in each water discharge, the low water consumption and the resistance of the discharge lever and the linkage system, without a doubt It is an exceptional product, if you decide to take it home, you will have a quality product to enjoy for years.

5- American Standard 2886218.020 H2Option Dual Flush

American Standard 2886218.020

It is an elongated two-piece toilet in white, bone, and linen colors. You can save up to 25% of the water in each flush thanks to the double flush symphonic flush system. It has a compound pump-over system of bolts and washers to speed up the liquid or solid waste installation process. It has an EverClean protection treatment to avoid dirt, wetness, or any other element that damages its structure.

It has a clean and elegant design that can be perfectly configured with your bathroom’s decoration without the need to make any changes. Its internet and external structure are protected by the EverClean system, which consists of applying a finish to the surface, leaving it like a mirror. In this way, all solid and liquid waste slides to the bottom without inconvenience.


  • Surface Protected by EverClean
  • Quick mounting system
  • Saving water
  • Double action for solid and liquid waste discharge


  • Dirt build-up between tank and base
  • The button used for the top download does not work as it should
  • Does not include the seat or cover
  • Installation is quite expensive

It is a product that surprises with its elegant design and great performance, you can combine it perfectly with the decoration of your bathroom without the need to make changes, it far exceeds other products with the similar price this is due to the number of characteristics for its price, it has an excellent price and quality balance, decide now for a quality product and take it to the comfort of your home, you will not regret it.

What to Look for in 27-inch Toilets?

In addition to needing a toilet for their bathroom, consumers are looking for certain important characteristics to find a suitable toilet that meets personal and economic needs at the time of purchase.

In addition to comfort, the client is looking for toilets with specific sizes, the functionalities that these offer, the space that can be covered between the tank and the bathroom wall, easily finding the parts of the toilets, and of course, the budget.

The 27-inch toilets are recommended for bathrooms with less space. For this, we detail each point taken into account by people when buying the toilet that they want to place in their bathroom.

1. Size

Size is one of the causes of concern for toilet buyers, especially when they have small bathrooms. As explained above, the recommendation is to choose a 27-inch toilet, as they are the ideal size not to take up so much space and are suitable for any member of the household.

It is an important point when buying your toilet, as many think that it does not have enough space, but in reality, the size of this type of modern toilet is appropriate to meet your needs.

2. Performance

This depends on the type of 27-inch deep toilet you choose for your small bathroom. There are different types, among them, the five best 27-inch deep toilets are mentioned above.

Each one fulfills its basic functions that are required to satisfy the needs of the buyer. However, thanks to technological advances, you can find other effective functionalities to offer you advantages.

3. Comfort

Comfort is the main function or advantage that the buyer always looks for with this product type. We are continually in search of being comfortable, and this is one of them.

The best 27-inch depth toilet has comfort as its main character so that you can find them in the five best 27-inch toilets mentioned in the previous part.

4. The gap between Tank back and wall

Sometimes, it can happen, especially in narrow spaces, in which the toilet tank is very close or stuck completely towards the wall.

That, for many, is to see discomfort and can even affect. On 27-inch-deep toilets, this won’t be a problem as, thanks to its modern and comfortable designs, you won’t have a problem with the tank being too close to the wall.

5. Availability of parts

Sometimes the repairs of any appliance must be carried out, so it will not be a problem for this type of toilet, since they have their parts available anywhere.

Like this type of toilet, it comes to your hands with all its complete components for the refraction part. So if you get to have a repair or want to obtain the parts as soon as you choose to buy your toilet, it will not be a problem. They will always be there when the customer needs them.

6. Budget

The budget is another important point in this matter since it is known that without it, the acquisition of the product is not possible. People are searching for quality toilets that meet their demands and, of course, at a reasonable price.

The cost of this type of toilet can be considered affordable since they are comfortable, effective toilets for any dimension of small bathrooms, have very specific characteristics, and with very avant-garde functionalities.

How do I know what size toilet to get?

The main objective of many buyers when buying their toilet is the size that it has. It is a possible limitation for small bathrooms to choose the right toilet for space; however, you can choose the correct one and not fail in the attempt.

One way to get out of trouble and facilitate the search for the right toilet with the size you require is to know its measurements, such as the shower tray’s capacity, the sink, and other bathroom fixtures.

That is a task that is carried out when the bathroom is small since you must have the other accessories measurements to know our toilet’s exact size. That may seem difficult or tedious; however, it is a sure way to find a suitable toilet and save time and money.

A fundamental aspect is the design of your bathroom. Whether you will do it or make changes, planning where each bathroom accessory will go will save you a lot.

The external design of our toilets is the first thing we are going to look at. Among so many varieties to select from, you can choose what best suits your decoration and available space.

Size does matter! And many adapt to your spaces. It would be best if you considered, in addition to having at hand the measurements of the toilet that your small bathroom will occupy, you must add the space that goes between 20 and 50 cm for the elements that are around and in front of it. And between the toilet and the wall, a measure of 20 cm. That is so that the accessories do not bother and the doors can be opened comfortably.

Depending on your type of bathroom, be it for the disabled, children, for visits, or personal use, you can find different sizes and designs for each space step.

In addition to the size, you can find different models, and for small bathrooms, the recommended are round designs, effective to save space towards the front. Square toilets take up space on the left and right sides.

As you can see, knowing how to choose the toilet is important, and the best way to find one that suits your spaces, with a modern and comfortable design, is to have the measurements of your bathroom and elements within it at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions that people have when buying a 27-inch depth toilet for their bathrooms.

  • What is the standard depth of a toilet?
  • The measurements of the depth of the toilets can vary according to the design or type of toilet. But generally, a standard toilet has a depth measurement of about 65 to 70 cm.

  • What is the smallest toilet?
  • Small spaces are not an impediment to place toilets and other accessories to the decoration you want. However, if you are looking for shallow toilets, they usually have measurements between 51 or less at 50 cm. There are different small models to choose from according to your taste and the size of your bathroom.

  • What is the best toilet for a small bathroom?
  • Small bathrooms should choose small-sized toilets, either a standard size was measuring between 60 and 70 cm deep and 40 to 50 cm wide.

    You can also choose toilets smaller than 52 cm deep since they are considered the smallest. Considering these measurements and the design you need, you can choose the best one for a small bathroom.

    Is a round or elongated toilet better?

    In the case of small bathrooms, around design toilet is recommended. Now, if your bathroom is large and you want to provide a touch of originality and style, the use of elongated toilets is preferred. It all depends on your taste and

  • Should a toilet tank touch the wall?
  • It is recommended that this is not the case. Ideally, leave a space of approximately 20 cm between the tank and the wall. To avoid leaks, or repair the wall, it is not necessary to touch the tank.

    Wrap Up:

    We finish this article by clarifying that small bathrooms are not a problem to place the toilet you like best and other complementary accessories for your bathroom.

    There is a variety of 27-inch depth toilets to choose from. It all depends on the space of your bathroom and the need that the buyer presents. Most recommended for small bathrooms are standard-size bathrooms between 60-70cm deep and 40-50cm wide, or smaller toilets that are less than 52cm.

    Another important point is to have the measurements at hand for each bathroom accessory, such as the toilet, sink, bathtub, shelves, and shower, among others, to find the easiest measurement of the toilet.

    When looking for a toilet to place in their bathroom before any remodeling or replacement thereof, people are always in search of a bowl with the appropriate size, that provides the comfort that is requested, that has availability of parts, as well as that offers the basic and modern functionalities that the buyer requires.

    Prices may vary depending on the toilets’ type and design, but affordable prices can be found without great inconvenience.

    Another recommendation when buying your toilet, if you have a small bathroom, a round toilet would be ideal, since it would take more advantage of the space. However, long toilets provide the stylish and modern decor, but this will depend on your taste and bathroom space.

    Before buying a toilet, we take measurements of the spaces around, elements, and space between the tank and the wall. That is to avoid space inconveniences and allow the opening of the door to be comfortable.

    We hope that this information has been very useful and makes it easier for you to select the toilet you need for your bathroom, especially for small spaces.

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