Best Toilets for Wheelchair Users

Best Toilets for Wheelchair Users

A detailed guide can help you to pick the best toilets for wheelchair users and you can pick the right one after reading this guide.

Disabled people, like other human beings on the planet, have basic and unique physiological needs. They get hungry, sleepy, cold, and of course, want to go to the bathroom, and due to their condition, it isn’t very easy. That is why there are currently all kinds of equipment specifically designed so that they can carry out this action without much inconvenience.

Similarly, when you have a family member with these limitations, the house should use for her performance. But always have the Best toilet in your possession for wheelchair users with which they can feel more comfortable and safe. So you can do your basic needs without much trouble while being safe from the inconvenience.

When it comes to buying toilets for people in wheelchairs, not everyone is convinced of this. However, contrary to what many believe, special toilets of these are the ones that will allow you to have better performance. And this so that they can easily perform their needs without risks that can injure them.

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Top 5 Best Toilets for Wheelchair Users Reviews 2021

1. HePesTer Foldable&Free-Assembly Toilet Safety Frame for Elderly with Adjustable Height

Heavy Bathroom Toilet Safety Rail for Disable with Upgrade Large Non-Slip Mat

This toilet is ideal for seniors and comes with adjustable height for any size. It also includes a safety rail. Although it is a heavy toilet, it is suitable for disabled users. Besides, it has an update, and that is that it comes with a type of non-slip mat that, due to its large size, can be adapted to all toilets.

With a rating of 4.4 from the last users, this toilet, as we see, is an incredible machine to evacuate. And it should note that its use is not determined for the elderly only. Rather, it is an ideal toilet for any disabled person or limited for a certain time.

In other words, it is a toilet that can be used just like the rest, while anyone can use it. Although doing this is not bad, it is not highly recommended that anyone use it. Well, it is specifically designed to use wheelchair users due to its ease of use and completeness.


  • Fits all toilets thanks to its adjustable system
  • It is a heavy toilet capable of supporting more than 300 pounds of weight
  • A mat with anti-slip technology is integrated into the system


  • Comfortable
  • Greater Safety
  • Folding frame assembly


  • The system, although foldable and adjustable, requires certain techniques to assemble it, which complicates the use a bit

As can be seen, this is a toilet with a unique system and is ideal for anyone with a condition, disability, or injury that limits it. Despite being so simple, its characteristics make this toilet one of the most complete on the market. Above all, because it is a specially designed team to meet multiple needs.

2. Carex Health Brands 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

Carex Health Brands 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

This toilet system is ideal for the elderly or some disabled users. Although it is basic, it is complete. It comes in a very easy-to-install design with both width and height adjustments. So it is one of the equipments that can best be adapted to most of today’s toilets.

It is a frame for a toilet that has been able to surprise many of the users due to the characteristics it has since it arrived on the market. Being so basic many did not believe that it could compete against the rest. But it turned out to be one of the most modern equipment in the industry that was able to position itself among the top positions in this market.

Now, if what you want is an elegant and good quality toilet, this is by far one of the best on the market. The company that manufactures it has years of experience and experience, generating many trusts. This guarantee is essential if you want a reliable toilet to buy it.


  • Designed with a frame system with adjustable width and height for anyone
  • It is a unique piece of equipment, and be basic, it is comfortable and easy to use, and clean.
  • Made with impressive strength and increased safety


  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use


  • Comes in only one color

The Carex Company is a historic brand within this market in which consumers agree that it knows how to surprise them. And this team is no exception, with an elegant style and the very simple truth, it knows how to compete with the rest. Having a very basic design compared to other products on the market and even if it is very modern.

3. Carex Toilet Safety Frame – Toilet Safety Rails With Adjustable Width 

Carex Toilet Safety Frame - Toilet Safety Rails With Adjustable Width

The toilet has some rails that are ideal for the elderly, and also for the disabled. It is a team that works very well for health care, especially when caring for the home. So when this team came on the market, the world was impressed by others and with good reason.

And it is that be a company with a lot of history within this growing sector. Its design has very good systems. And it is that when the company decided to launch this toilet it had the objective that the wide demand for this product could be satisfied. That is why it is one of the newer toilets that can exist today.


  • It is made with a steel frame and adapts to any toilet
  • The frame is designed with a unique adjustable system capable of reaching any size
  • Despite being a small team, it is very resistant, capable of supporting heavyweights, approximately 300 pounds.
  • The adjustable grip system is also safe and comfortable, super ideal for use by any user


  • Adjustable Grip
  • Supports upto 300lbs
  • Easy to use


Nothing to hold in front

This toilet for wheelchair users is one of the most specific equipments that exists today. And the truth is that there are very few toilets like that because their functions and utilities are by far one of the most precise that there can be. Simultaneously, it is designed with a very lightweight, although being made of steel, it can resist weight by others. Besides, its innovative adjustable system allows an expansion in utility for anyone.

4. Bemis Independence E85310ARM New Larger Size – Raised Toilet Seat with Support Arms

Bemis Independence E85310ARM New Larger Size Clean Shield 3

That is a modern seat used in toilets as an ideal system for those users with a disability. This product is one of the lightest on the market, which offers greater comfort to transport and install it. Likewise, it comes in a unique and precise white color, which gives a feeling of warmth and neatness to its design.

This brand is from one of the companies with the longest experience in this market, so it offers a fairly competitive team. Its use is guaranteed thanks to the security system with which it was developed for easy installation and cleaning. Similarly, this equipment is one of the newest in this market, with very few equipment with similar designs.


  • The innovative toilet seat system has a technology that allows maintaining the containment of the product in complete safety
  • This equipment almost does not require any maintenance after installed and when cleaning it is easier and more comfortable
  • It is manufactured to avoid pressure when sitting down, so it does not generate any pain
  • It comes with a standard-size design that, although it is comfortable, is not one of the most suitable equipment to fit all users.


  • Comfortable for use
  • Its seating system is so modern
  • Attractive design


  • Costly

If what you are looking for is a toilet for disabled users with unique functions, this is the ideal product. It is also one of the best and newest toilets with several very simple but complete components. One of its main characteristics is that it is very easy to handle. And even if it is expensive, it is worth it, so this is added an incredible plus when buying it.

5. NOVA Medical Products Folding Commode, Over Toilet and Bedside Commode

61EIVe0NuRL. AC SL1500

That is one of the most useful toilets with systems for the disabled and handicapped. Made with a classic style, it is the most classified product on this list, with 4.6 out of 5 scores. And although it is not a very attractive product due to its design, the truth is that it is very useful. And above all, it is complete thanks to its technology that can use in any space or with other toilets.

The manufacturing company does not need any kind of presentation anywhere, and that proved once again with this incredible product. This team has unique characteristics and a more classic design than it seems. Besides, it is designed as a team with many utilities as they demonstrate it.

This product’s innovation is due to years of experience that the company has had thanks to its long history. That is by far one of the best toilets around today, but with quite a bit of competition in between. And despite having competition, not all of them have the genius that Nova Medical Products decided to include in this toilet.


  • This product is foldable and easy to use, either as a separate toilet or on an existing one. Both functions are valid
  • It can move anywhere, it is easy to install, and does not require any tools for it
  • The system is adjustable so it can be adapted to the necessary height for the greater comfort of any user
  • It is quite light in weight, but it is built with a steel frame that makes it support a lot of weight


  • No tools are required to assemble this equipment
  • It is capable of supporting a lot of weight
  • Good to use for bedside


  • Not much modern look

This company turns out to be one of the best toilets for wheelchair users in this market. Well, its characteristics prove it, and its design and the capacity it allows, as well as the weight, make it very great. Besides, it is of a higher quality than the rest of the equipment found in any store. Finally, it is very easy to handle, use, complete, accessible, but not attractive to many.

Benefits of the Toilet for Disabled Person

When they have someone of legal age in their circle and who is in a wheelchair, many families take the initiative to buy them. These teams’ truth is that I am really useful for the disabled or handicapped due to the great technology with which this modern system for bathrooms is made. Well, when someone has problems getting up or sitting down, this object turns out to be their best ally.

Now, this type of equipment is not only used for people in wheelchairs or similar, but for those who need it. When someone is injured and bending over or sitting down is very uncomfortable, this equipment alleviates that. They even serve to avoid any pain generated in the person with a certain condition and be very innovative and adjustable to many existing cases and toilets.

On the other hand, its value varies depending on the model or equipment used. And it is that there are many and of many types, each with the most determined specialty for a certain particularity. But something that these teams have in common is adapting to sizes, widths, and lengths. They are designed so that people of all possible sizes can use them.

Buying Guide

When buying the best toilets for wheelchair users, certain factors must consider buying the correct equipment. Many of these factors can determine some people, so they should be paid attention to. Likewise, these factors may or may not be a fundamental part of toilets, since they can vary in design. The buying guide is:

1. Bowl Depth

Today, many people have certain difficulties but concerning needs. This is why they must spend a lot of time in the bathroom evacuating. So the depth of the bowl is one of the main features to pay attention to. In the same way, these types of characteristics are the ones that cause me all the rage when it comes to their capacity and function. This factor can also define how complicated cleaning is and how much maintenance this equipment can have.

2. Bowl Shape

It is necessary to consider that the shape of the bowl is another of the characteristics that also attract attention. That results in the seat’s comfort for those who use it when evacuating. Besides, this characteristic is closely linked to the previous factor since the bowl’s shape can determine how deep the toilet bowl has. This factor can also define whether or not the person has a problem of rubbing or contacting the waste when he goes to evacuate. As for this feature, you have to take it into account and pay attention to which one you will choose.

3. Wheelchair Leg Rests

When users are disabled and use wheelchairs when going to the bathroom, they need a leg rest. This feature is like an “accessory” that has been a plus for these people. Their system serves as a rest so that they do not have to suffer discomfort. Besides, it makes your time in the bathroom much safer and more comfortable. This feature is so essential that in certain cases, it is possible to prevent people from getting dirty with waste thanks to these rest systems. And it is that the technology with which the equipment is designed makes people come into contact with the waste when it is evacuated.

4. Bowl Height

This is one of the characteristics that will mostly depend on the person going to use it. The bowl’s height is a very clear indication that what is needed is a very specific type of bowl in which to sit is comfortable. And it is that the height of the bowl can determine the comfort and safety of those who will use the toilet. It must also consider that these types of factors are very decisive depending on the person who decides to buy this or that product. When it is evacuated, it will likely avoid or not contact the waste. So the height of the bowl can define how likely the user is to get dirty or not.

5. Weight Capacity

Most of these equipment pieces come with almost the same capacity as a standard weight-bearing model. All the weight capacity of the equipment must take into account. The work must don more comfortably and comprehensively concerning certain people or the force capable of producing. Thus, risks or accidents that end up causing some worse problems in the long term are avoided.

6. Cost of Installation

In general, when you buy this type of equipment, you also end up paying for the installation service. And the fact is that many of its workers are experts who know their team perfectly because they are trained for that. On the other hand, when the company provides these services for free, each product is barely bought. It must also consider that each installation cost can determine whether this or that product is purchased.

7. Mechanical Parts

Another characteristic that can determine whether or not a certain toilet is bought is its mechanical parts. When these teams are designed with many accessories in between, they tend to be very uncomfortable. Well, the mechanical parts are a unique aspect of what it can mean to use a toilet comfortably or not. Because no matter how safe a computer is when it is not comfortable, spending a long time sitting in an uncomfortable place is annoying.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do wheelchair users go to the bathroom?
  • Most people who have someone with a disability within their close circle help them. In other words, disabled users who go to the bathroom in a wheelchair or, failing that, on crutches are helped by another.

    Many times, they must make a certain kind of effort when getting up and sitting down that alone would be very uncomfortable and even dangerous for them. And to avoid any accident that could injure or harm these people, they are recommended to be accompanied.

  • What type of toilet is best for wheelchairs?
  • There are many types of toilets ideal for these types of people who suffer from this type of disability. And although the best one will depend on the one you are looking for for your personal use, certain brands and styles best suit these needs. An example would be Nova Medical Products that have years and experience in the sector.

  • Are Disabled toilets for everyone?
  • That is answered with a resounding no because as it differs in public bathrooms or those in the shopping center, these people have their bathroom.

    Not because they cannot be used by anyone else but because they have their space for greater comfort. Well, they are limited in certain things and must be kept safe at all times.

  • What problems do wheelchair users face?
  • The majority of the problems that people in a wheelchair experience when going to the bathroom is stability.

    Due to their conditions, they may be able to fall and injure themselves, causing great damage. And another problem is that the toilet they use often is not safe for them or comfortable to use.

  • How do you transfer someone from a wheelchair to a chair toilet and back?
  • Although this has its technique, the truth is that to transfer a person from a wheelchair to the toilet is by lifting and carrying them. And the same process is carried out vice versa, so it requires strong people capable of supporting that. It is not an act that is very comfortable to do because an accident is possible.


    To conclude, it must be said that this type of toilet for people with disabilities, takes time. It is not easy to choose any equipment for its use, which requires special attention. Likewise, each of the buying guide factors must take into account before purchasing the best toilets for wheelchair users. That may or may not be safe and comfortable when using it.

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