TOTO Washlet G500 Toilet Review

TOTO Washlet G500 Toilet Review

TOTO Washlet G500 toilet will make you look forward to going to the bathroom. TOTO G500 is a low-profiled toilet with a sleek look that perfectly fits into your modern bathroom. At TOTO, one of the trustworthy and fancy manufacturers of toilets for decades.

TOTO Company has an excellent reputation for longevity and durability. Due to this, TOTO is the priority for many users over many other toilet brands. It is a one-piece toilet. Moreover, it includes a floor-mounted type of installation and is equipped with dual-Max flushing. You can also check the latest price here.


TOTO Washlet G500 Toilet Review

Toto MS970CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

Cleaning is made easy and more straightforward as there are no corners and grooves to clean. Moreover, this toilet comes with an air dryer. You can quickly dry off after washing. It also has a memory that you can program for you and one other person. Besides being comprised of many features, the toilet looks stylish and elegant.

Further, it will be the perfect choice for every modern bathroom—this little on the expensive side. However, the good things are a bit pricey. But they are worth the money. 

Regarding the TOTO Washlet G500 toilet, you might have many questions like is the TOTO G500 toilet sanitary? Or Do the G500 Washlet EPA WaterSense certified? If you have all these questions tingling in mind, we have got you covered in this article. In this article, you will find the TOTO G500 review, which will clear all your confusion about this toilet


TOTO G500 toilet has dozens of specifications built-in it. Among all these specifications here are some of the most prominent specifications:

  1. TOTO toilet measures 28.5x 11.8 x 25.2 inches. 
  2. The seat height is the same as standard toilets.
  3. This toilet weighs 112 pounds approximately. 
  4. It is oblong. 


  • Hands-free operation
  • Automatic de-odorizer
  • Pre-warmed seats
  • The elongated front bowl makes it easy to sit


  • Little expensive


TOTO G500 toilet offers a multitude of features. Some of these essential features are as follows: 

  Boast Heater Seats  

One of the challenging things when using a toilet is when it is cold. Especially during the cold season, the cold seat is problematic. So, with this toilet, TOTO has made your life easier.

You can set the temperature of the seat from 82 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Your comfort is the main thing that TOTO takes into consideration. So, the TOTO toilet makes you comfortable with pre-heated seats. 

  Air Purifying System  

Automatic de-odorizer ensures that your bathroom always feels fresh and smell-free as the smelly bathrooms are hard to use. Due to an air-purifying system, another person can instantly use the toilet without being bothered by a bad smell. And your bathroom will remain smell-free after every use. 

  Automatic Flushing  

With the feature of automatic flushing, you don’t bother to flush if someone has forgotten to wash as it flushes automatically and instantly when you have done. There is no need to touch or press the button which promotes hands-free operation. 

  Water Temperature and Pressure Control  

This toilet features water temperature and pressure control. With this toilet, you can control the temperature of the water between 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can adjust the water temperature according to the season and your preference.

This toilet is unique in the feature that it offers both front and rear warm water washing. To become clean in the way you want to. This pressure control and water temperature make this toilet one of the best toilets that one can find in the market.

  Lid Open/Close  

TOTO G500 toilet features an automatic system to open and close the lid. It automatically opens when you approach and closes as you leave. So, you don’t have to bother closing or opening the lid. On the other hand, the toilet seat closes slowly without producing more noise. Therefore, you won’t hear any irritating loud sound. 

  Less Water Consumption  

Typically, this toilet consumes 0.9 gallons and 1.28 gallons to flush if you are flushing wastewater and solid waste. Consequently, this toilet will save your money on the water bill by consuming less water in flushing than the other bathrooms. This toilet will help you to save water.


This toilet also has an air dryer system. So, you can quickly dry it off after cleaning. The warm Air dryer is attached to it to ensure that you never have to repurchase toilet paper. 

  Toilet Seat  

This toilet has an elongated and wide seat. So, you can sit on it comfortably. TOTO ensures to provide you comfort. It has an elongated seat so that every individual in your home from children to older people can use it easily. 


If you want a luxurious and compact toilet to add to your modern bathroom, you must go for a TOTO G500 toilet. With hands-free operation from beginning to end combined with other lucrative features like pre-heated seats, automatic flushing, automatic lid open/close, air purifying system, and automatic air-dryer, this toilet is just superb. It is designed to make you feel more comfortable.

Additionally, it is ADA compliant, which means that the toilet seat is suitable. So, every individual in your home can use it. Moreover, it has many more features that the other toilet doesn’t have. This toilet doesn’t lack any single thing.

It comprises all the features that a person desire in the toilet. So, what a person needs more than this. This toilet is probably your ideal one. This toilet will make your life easier and even simpler. This toilet comes with a large instruction manual. However, its installation is challenging, and you might need a professional person to handle it.

However, it is not ideal for individuals looking for a budget toilet as it is a little on the expensive side. However, this toilet is worth the money. You get more than you pay for. I hope this TOTO G500 review Article has given you a clear idea about this toilet. Further, this article may have cleared all your confusion.

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