Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Urine? Getting Rid Of Urine

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Urine?

Have you cleaned your bathroom well, but it still smells like urine, and don’t you know how to get rid of it? Cheer up. There is no need to worry anymore. Bathrooms are part of your house, and you want to keep them clean as in other rooms. You try your best to keep your washroom clean.


Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Urine?

You use different techniques to avoid the smell coming from the bathroom. Because whenever someone uses your bathroom and feels it smelly, it has a terrible impact on them. They may think that you don’t clean your bathroom. 

Understanding your concerns over the bathroom smell, we have come up with the reasons that are causing this smell and their solutions to overcome this issue. To solve such problems, it is necessary to understand the causes behind them. There could be numerous reasons that cause your bathroom to smell like urine. Below, we will discuss this issue in detail. 

Reasons Behind The Smell of Urine In Bathrooms

Following are the primary reasons behind the smell of urine in toilets. 

1. Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes could be the reason for urine smell. You do not notice any issue with your pipes, but there could be something wrong deep inside. These pipes may have the waste materials stuck inside that are not removed from them. Due to those materials, you could be facing the urine smell from your bathroom. The best way to understand the real issue you should check the release area of the pipe. 

2. Damaged Toilet Seal

There is proper sealing between the bathroom and the floor in the toilets. It will prevent the urine from falling on the floor. Maybe your toilet seat is broken, due to which your urine drops fall on the surface. When it decreases on the surface, it automatically increases the growth of bacteria on the floor. Which then spread all over your toilet. 

3. Loose Toilet Bolts

Leakage is also the leading cause of urine smell. There are toilet bolts on the base of the toilet beneath the plastic cap. It functions to keep your bathroom fastened to the ground. But if the bolts are loose, they could not work correctly, and the drainage will affect badly. 

4. Broken Flange

Another reason for this smell could be the broken flange and wax rings.  You can notice leakage due to it. This leakage can increase the urine smell in your bathroom. It would help if you had to change the coils and flange to avoid it. 

5. Dried Pipes

Different waste pipes in each house are mainly under the ground. These pipes might be becoming the reason for the urine smell in your bathroom. These are the dried pipes, and due to the dryness, they spread the scent all over the area. You should remove the waste material as soon as possible. 

6. Damaged Toilet

If your toilet is damaged, you must replace the toilet because it releases the waste and becomes the reason for the smell. For replacing the toilet, it is better to contact a professional. 

7. Ventilation Issues

If your bathroom has a flawed ventilation system, there is no way for the air to come across the bathroom. Due to which the smell remains in it. In a warm environment, the growth of bacteria increases rapidly. 

Solutions to Getting Rid Of Urine Smell From Bathrooms

There are several tricks to get rid of the urine smell from bathrooms. 

1. Clean Your Toilet From All Dimensions

 It is essential to clean your toilet from all dimensions. You can use a toothbrush or a rounded brush to clean the bathroom. Don’t forget to clean it from outside too. Because there could be drops of urine anywhere in your bathroom. 

2. Clean the Toilet Bowl

Clean your toilet bowl thoroughly because it is also an essential part of your toilet. Use the same brush with a more amount of cleaning product to avoid the bacteria in it. Do check the sealing and leakage in the bowl so that you can get rid of it. 

3. Use Best Cleaning Agents

While cleaning your toilet, you should use the best cleaning agents. Because if you use ordinary cleaning products, it will leave the germs and the bacteria on the toilet that can cause the smell after few hours. Don’t use too much of the cleaning product in your bathroom. Use a tiny amount of it and make sure that you clean each part of it. 

4. Use Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is the best trick to get rid of this smell. At first, you have to remove the toilet seat, then use the shaving cream on the floor, use a mop to spread it, and then clean it after 5 minutes. Please don’t leave it for a long time because the smell will disappear immediately. It would prove beneficial for this smell. 

5. Clean the Basket

It would be best if you looked at your basket too. The smell might come from the basket or wastes that are in your bathroom. Keep your dustbin clean like your bathroom. 

Odor Digester:

It is a bio-enzymatic product. There are some good bacteria in it which will eat up the harmful bacterias from the environment. That is why using an odor digester would help you to fight this smell. Use this spray around the bottom of your toilet. Let it dry now, and don’t use the mop over it. 


Your bathroom smell can leave your guests with negative impacts. Don’t let this smell ruin your reputation. You can use different cleaning products to eliminate this smell from your bathroom.

You can work to overcome the reasons behind this. If these things are not working for you, you can contact the plumber to replace the toilet. We hope this article helps you understand the issues regarding the causes and solutions of your toilet smell.

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