How To Remove Object From Toilet Trap?

Are you looking for the solution of How To Remove Object From Toilet Trap?

Or Have your toddler just dropped his toy in the toilet? Or you accidentally flushed your important thing?

Well, this can be inevitable trouble now and then with toddlers or pets in the house. But, for you, it may be the first step to plumbing nightmares. So, stop! If you are planning to hire or pay a good amount to a plumber for the task you can do it in minutes. Yes, you can do it by yourself. That’s not a big issue and can be solved by you without spending a penny. Also, in this article, we have listed the number of tested solutions to remove the object from your toilet trap.

How To Remove Object From Toilet Trap?

How To Remove Object From Toilet TrapLet’s dig into the article to get different solutions to the problem. If your toddlers or you are prone to drop the keys, toys, clothes in the toilet; luckily there are some useful tricks to get them back without blocking your toilet.

In addition to it, once there is an object in the toilet, the mechanism of draining would allow water to pass through it while the object remains at its place. If you are facing such a problem you can simply follow any of these solutions to remove the object from the toilet trap. For further instance let’s have a deeper look at the solutions.

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 Solution # 1: 

Grabbing The Object With Your Hands

Well, it might feel dirty to place your hands in the toilet but, this can help with the visible objects. However, when trying to remove the object from the toilet trap with your hands, it is suggested to wear rubber gloves or protective gloves to protect your hands from germs inside the toilet. Moreover, let’s have a look at the quick steps on how to do that:

  • Wear your gloves.
  • Take a disposable or waste container to scoop the water out of the toilet. This will help in working with ease.
  • Once taken out of the water, just get your hands to the object and grab it with your hands.
  • Once grabbed the object, try to wash your hands thoroughly with the soap to avoid any germ making your body the place to inject disease.

 Solution # 2: 

Using a Toilet Auger

Well, for those the solution 1 is not the way, they might be happy to know about this one. Toilet Auger is one of the realist tools used to take objects out of the clogged toilets. Moreover, this is the tool to take the part when plungers just fail to perform the task. So, lets’ have a look at the description of how to use the tool for the tested results.

  • To form a large hook out of the auger just bent the ends with the help of plyers.
  • It is suggested to have rubber gloves on to work with ease. Moreover, insert the bent auger in the bowl of the toilet. Also, just pass it to the drain of the toilet.
  • Try to reach the auger deep into the drain of the toilet. If the object is deeper then there might need to reach the pipe inside the floor.
  • Now, apply the adjustable tension on the cable of the auger. Besides, when it is felt the object is hooked into the hook of the auger, just pull both of them out freely.

 Solution # 3: 

Through Vaccum

While proceeding, if the auger is not the solution then a vacuum in your house can be the savior of the day. Before using the vacuum for the rescue, the tank top with vacuum collections needs to be removed. So, let’s have a look at the steps to follow the process.

  • Turn on the vacuum. While holding the hose of the vacuum tries to push it down to the drain of the toilet.
  • Moreover, take the hose as far as you hear the object moves from its place.
  • As the sound of moving is heard, just place your hose pointing to the object and start sucking the water.
  • Kepp sucking the water until you notice your object passes to the hose.

Try to ensure the tank top empty before sucking the water. Also, it is suggested to flush your toilet thoroughly after removing the object from the trap.

 Solution # 4: 

Disassemble The Toilet

So, this solution can only work if you are kind of DIY person. Moreover, a person going for this solution might need to risk more work and may need a helper. Before, starting do not forget to have rubber gloves. In addition to the safety purpose, place the wet towels on the floor of the toilet to help you avoid any emergency access.

Before, starting turn off the power supply of the water by turning the valves anti-clockwise. This will help to avoid the flow of water while removing the toilet. Now, let’s have look at the step-wise process.

  • Once you have turned the valves start with removing the nuts and bolts from which the toilet is fixed to the ground.
  • Some of them can be one- piece toilet or two-piece toilet just examine before to avoid any damage.
  • After then, remove the toilet freely from the ground and place it safely on the floor.
  • To find the object, look inside the drain once found you can easily grab it with your hands while having gloves on.
  • After then, just place the toilet safely through the same method.

However, in some cases, the drain of the pipe carries the waste with the system connecting other toilets as well. so, if there is any type of system with the building; the little object dropped in the toilet may not cause any inconvenience as it will be gone forever.


While concluding the article, these were some of the solutions that might be helpful to remove the object from the toilet trap. However, this can be an inevitable issue as mentioned before. Besides, it can be done accidentally by an adult deliberately. But, luckily, the problem can be solved by using any of the above-given guides to save money with the proper solution to it.

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