How to Clean Toilet Seat Hinges?

Clean Toilet Seat Hinges

Are you looking for a detailed answer to How to Clean Toilet Seat Hinges? Here you find the simplest solution.

Toilet cleaning is a task which none of us likes to do but it is obligatory because having a clean toilet saves us from catching germs and diseases. However, sometimes even after cleaning the toilet seat’s exposed areas we still feel unsatisfied. Well, this might be one of the main reasons why you are here, right?

Moreover, the cleaning of toilet seats in the right way without missing the toilet seat hinges, which contain many germs residing on your toilets is posing a risk to your hygiene.

Therefore, we have compiled the procedure for how to clean the toilet seat hinges to help you clean these unreachable areas.

However, before starting you might have known that most of the toilet seats have plastic covers for hinges and require regular cleaning to inhibit the development of microorganisms.

Thus, in this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide that will help you in learning how to clean toilet seat hinges effortlessly the iron man way.

Plus, the procedure is explained in a stepwise procedure so you can clean toilet seat hinges without getting worried.

What to Clean a Toilet Seat with

Things you must have before you start cleaning:

Similar, to any other task you require specific tools and equipment to get your job done more easily and quickly. Therefore, for your ease and convenience, we have stated several tools, safety measures, and gadgets that will provide two benefits including your safety and quick cleaning of toilet seat hinges.

  • Water
  • A pair of gloves
  • Liquid solution for cleaning the hinges
  • Disinfectant spray
  • A Brush with soft bristles or a scrub sponge
  • A piece of cloth

Removing the toilet seat for a thorough cleaning (You can skip this step)

Toilet seat hinges don’t need to be cleaned every time you are cleaning your bathroom and if you are doing it less frequently then it is recommended that you remove the toilet seat first and then clean it thoroughly. To remove the seat you will first open the plastic covers with your hand, when you open the covers you see the bolts. Now you need a screwdriver to open these bolts and pliers (alternatively a wrench) to hold the nuts which are under the seat.

In case you don’t have much time or you feel reluctant to do so, simply skip the whole step of removing the toilet seat and just clean the area around the toilet seat hinges and inside of the cover.

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How to Clean Toilet Seat Hinges? Step By Step Guide

Now you know why cleaning the toilet seat hinges are important and what supplies you will need for cleaning, so let’s get into the whole process of cleaning the toilet seat hinges.

 Step # 1: 

Clean the toilet before you jump on to cleaning the hinges because you will definitely not want to work on a foul-smelling toilet. Then put on your gloves to protect yourself from making any contact with germs that are residing on your toilet seat and especially the hinges.

 Step # 2: 

Shutting the lid of the toilet seat is necessary because the toilet seat hinges go behind the seat when it is opened, therefore, closing the lid will make the hinges reachable to you.

 Step # 3: 

Now is the time to expose the bolts hidden under the covers of the hinges. You can open this area with your fingers easily, if it is not possible then you will have to stick something (it can be a screwdriver with a flat head) between the gaps of hinges to open the covers. The next step can be unscrewing the bolts and removing the toilet seat as explained previously in this guide, but it is totally up to you.

 Step # 4: 

If you have not removed the toilet seat:

Use an old brush with soft bristles or otherwise a scrub sponge to clean the surrounding area of the hinges with the liquid cleaner. You can buy the cleaning liquid from the market or you can make it at home the choice is all yours. Vinegar (which is an acid) and baking soda (which is mildly alkaline) are commonly used to make liquid solutions used for removing this type of gunk from seat hinges. To make this cleaning liquid, add two equal parts of baking soda and one equal part of vinegar, then mix.

If you have removed the toilet seat:

Use a cloth soaked in cleaning liquid and rub it on the parts that were hidden under the hinges. You can also use a soft brush or scrub sponge to clean the area.

 Step # 5: 

The space under the toilet tank is also reachable to you now, so spray the disinfectant on a piece of cloth and clean the area. You can also spray the disinfectant directly and then wipe it off later.

 Step # 6: 

Let the cleaning liquid solution sit there for at least 10 to 15 minutes and do its job properly.

 Step # 7: 

After waiting for a little while, wash all the surfaces properly with water where you had applied the cleaning solution. Then wipe the toilet seat and other cleaned surfaces with a cloth.

 Step # 8: 

Now when have completed all the steps which were necessary for cleaning toilet seat hinges, open the lid back, or in case if you had removed the lid for a thorough cleaning, it’s time to attach it back with the bowl of the toilet.


Cleaning toilet seat hinges are the most important part of the toilet cleaning routine. By paying attention to these parts that are difficult to reach you make sure that there are no harmful germs left on your toilet seat and you are actually leveling up your hygiene.

If you are someone who hasn’t cleaned the toilet seat hinges before just because you did not know how important it was, this step-by-step guide on how to clean toilet seat hinges will certainly help you and now you will pay attention to your dirty and clogged toilet seat hinges.

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