What to Do When Something Important Gets Flushed?

What to Do When Something Important Gets Flushed

Is your precious belonging is flushed into the toilet? Or your kid has thrown it into the toilet? Well, you don’t need to worry because there is a chance that it might get stuck in a toilet bowl.

However, if you have forgotten about it for some days then its chances of going into the underground waterway are high. Fortunately, we have provided a solution to help you.

If you noticed the dropped item before pushing the toilet flush button then you need a pair of gloves to pull it out. However, it is not usually the case because we push the flush button out of habit.

Well, as long as there is life, there is hope. Your item may be lingering in the toilet parts including the bottom of the toilet bowl, within the waste opening, close to the toilet wax ring or it may be stuck in the nook and cranny of a curved pipe.

Lets’ dive into the guide without wasting any time to get back your precious item flushed down the toilet.

Professional Help Required: If you had an emotional attachment with the item you just flushed, you may require a professional’s help. The professionals have required proper tools and expertise related to these issues. Therefore, a professional is recommended.

However, sometimes, a lack of time doesn’t allow us to take a professional’s help. Also, if you cannot afford a handyman for this service then you don’t need to worry because here we are providing some solutions for retrieving your irreplaceable time.


What to Do When Something Important Gets Flushed? An Easy Solution

You can retrieve your flushed items without any help from a handyman or other services. This step-by-step guide is provided to help you with getting your precious item.

1. Don’t flush

Once the item is flushed, you need to avoid the flush again because some toilets have high suction power that can suck your item into the underground waterway pipes easily. Flushing again will push it further down the pipe. Look for it, you may find it near the bottom of the toilet bowl.

2. Half flushed

Some of the older version of toilets does not have a high force of flushing. Also, you may have not pushed the handle of the flush properly. Well, not that’s pure luck. However, it’s worth a try.

In these cases, you need some rubber gloves and a wire. Using a wire hook your item and take it out. However, if it’s out of your sight then you need to check the toilet openings, you might see it.

3. Cut-off toilet’s water supply

Cutting the toilet’s water supply is essential when you are up close and personal with the toilet. This will reduce the chances of flooding the toilet when the flush is accidentally pushed.

The water supply can be cut off by a clockwise rotating of the valve. The valve is usually located behind the toilet or in the basement of the toilet.

4. Lifting the lid of the toilet

Some toilets come with a liftable lid of a tank. Well, if that is the case with you then take off the lid of the toilet and set it aside until the toilet is ready for use. Check How to Remove Toilet Seat with Hidden Fixings? if you don’t know about it.

5. Remove the remaining water

If you can’t find your precious item, removing the remaining water in the toilet will make it much easier for you. This can be done by a small plastic container or a cup to scoop the water out. Also, a baster-type appliance can help you.

6. The toilet’s screws

Well, now this is a tricky part. We are now headed towards removing the toilet from the ground which will help in finding our precious item. To do that, first, you need to find the screws that connect the toilet with the ground. You will untighten them. After that, you will need a wrench or a putty knife for removing the bolt covers and the bolts.

7. Displacing the toilet

For this part, you will need a partner to help you out. After the removal of bolts, you can now easily displace the toilet and put it gently aside on the bathroom floor.

This is when you can easily inspect the toilet to find your precious item. You need to tip it on its side and check the waste opening with the help of the flashlight. Moreover, you should also check the wax ring. The wax ring is half connected to the flange and half connected to the floor.

Your precious item might have got stuck in these parts of the toilet. Inspect it carefully.

8. You might have found your ring till now

You might have retrieved your ring from the toilet parts. If not, it may be out of your reach. We recommend contacting a plumber that will use a camera or scope to inspect the drain pipes.

If you have retrieved your ring then it’s time to put the toilet back together.

9. Putting it together

Now it is high time you put the toilet in its place. Tighten the bolts and screws and put the tank’s lid on it. All the components must be renewed and placed in their original places. Moreover, it is time to turn the valve on for the water supply.

Once you have placed the components, flush it several times to ensure the wax ring is completely working or not. Knowing now is better than knowing while using it.


The items get flushed, it’s normal. However, finding it requires extra care. For safe retrieval, all these steps must be followed carefully. You don’t need to rush, be calm. The bolts and screws should be untightened carefully because a single slip of the wrench can break your toilet.

Moreover, replacing all the components with new ones will increase the life of the toilet. By following these steps, finding your irreplaceable precious items has become easy.

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